Hello, just joined -I'm using slimming world

Oct 14th '15 07:49 AM
Hello, I joined slimming world in jan 2015, lost 3st 1lb by May, then spent months going up and down or maintaining, went on an all inclusive holiday, missing 7 weigh ins to go back to group and gained 15.5lb !!!!! That was sept 2015, so far lost 9lb of that gain so total loss 2st 8lb.

My goal was to get to target by jan 2016, I wanted to lose 11st in total but now I've moved that to june 2016 as that is when my next holiday is. I'm keen to connect with other slimming world people
Oct 14th '15 08:22 AM
Hi Sue, I've just decided to get back on track too

Good luck
Oct 14th '15 08:24 AM
Cool good for you
Oct 14th '15 08:45 AM
I managed to lose 5st to get to target, managed to maintain for about a year or so, but it's slowly slipped, so, before it gets any worse, I've decided to join this forum so I can bare all, and lose the excess I've put on
Oct 14th '15 10:33 AM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! Good luck!