Here we go again xx

Oct 9th '15 12:43 PM
Hi Guys
As the title says here we go again joined slimming world 4 yrs ago and in less than a year had 4st 7lbs off but with one thing and another near enough back to where I started so rejoined sw on tuesday would love to not be fat and fifty if its possible ( december 2016) so looking forward to reading all your posts xx
Oct 9th '15 18:50 PM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! It sounds like you did fab with the weight loss in the past and I'm sure you will again, best of luck!
Oct 9th '15 19:42 PM
Hi disneynut,
the most important thing is you have happens, we deal with it and get back on track..... I'm sure you will achieve the weight loss again 👍🏻 x
Oct 9th '15 21:38 PM
Thank you Bevz and Cazza so looking forward to chatting and getting loads of info on here thought i was going to have a melt down when tried to log on to minimins yesterday but so glad i found you all xxx
Oct 9th '15 21:47 PM
Already had some great advice and support and only been on here for a day! Hopefully you get the same warm welcome as I have had so far.

Look forward to falling everyone's progress!
Oct 10th '15 09:36 AM
Hi disneynut, nice to meet you and good luck with your weight loss
Oct 11th '15 08:51 AM
thanks James and Alicat really looking forward to all the hints and tips xx
Oct 12th '15 16:51 PM
Hello and welcome!

I love your name by the way!

Good luck disneynut! I'm sure you'll be right back on track to losing weight in no time
Oct 13th '15 15:05 PM
Hi disneynut,

Loving the name Welcome to Social Slimmers

Oct 13th '15 21:17 PM
Thanks Guys all going well this week first wi and 9lbs off yayyyyyyyyyy xxx