Daunting weight loss

Oct 4th '15 09:44 AM
Hi everyone, I am Maggie. I joined a slimming world class last Thursday, I weighed in at a massive 20st 11 lb. It is such a lot, and so much to lose. I have a family wedding to go to next May, and really want to get a lot off by then. I am a bit daunted by the amount I have to lose. I am enjoying fry ups, using fry light, but cannot find the syn value for quorn sausages ?? Anyway, great to find this forum, and hope I start to lose weight from now onwards.
Oct 13th '15 16:19 PM
Hi Maggic!

Welcome to Social Slimmers

One of the best things I did was mini targets. I had 2 ... Weight down into the next stone and jean size. I would buy a pair of jeans a size down each time.

How have you done so far?

Quorn Sausages (42g) each - 1 Syn
Quorn Sausages (37.5g) each - 0.5 Syn
Quorn Low Fat Sausages (50g) each - Syn Free

Oct 13th '15 17:03 PM
Hi Maggie, lovely to meet you
Oct 13th '15 19:18 PM
Welcome Maggie. Definitely think of mini targets. I would recommend spending 4 weeks getting used to the plan and then see what your weight loss is (it will be bigger on your 1st week). Then you can work out a realistic target for may and focus on that.

You've made a big step forward in attending group. Good luck!
Oct 14th '15 10:33 AM
Hi Maggie and welcome to Social Slimmers! Good luck!