1 month until wedding! 👰🏻

Aug 25th '15 23:53 PM
Argh! How did I let it get to 1 month before the wedding without getting in shape? And why did I not realise until the hen do pictures went online?! SO MANY PICTURES 😭

Oh dear... I am in need of some support.

Finding it exceedingly difficult to keep my willpower and exercise on track while juggling 2 jobs, saving and wedding planning (serious kudos to anyone who has all of the above plus kids - I think would be a jibbering mess by now if I did!)

I'd love to hear from anyone who has been in a similar situation and has some advice that could help to put me back on track?

I currently weigh 11"7 and am a size 14. At my slimmest I was 10"5 and a comfortable 12. My dress fits ok, but if I could shift a bit of belly fat it would fit better, with no adjustments needed.

SW has helped me to lose weight in the past, but I feel rather out of touch with it (someone told me there are no green and red days anymore, is that true?).

Anyway thanks in advance for any help! I'm not sure exactly what will come of me posting this but it feels good to get it written down and out of my head for a bit 😊 x
Aug 26th '15 01:13 AM
Hey i know how u feel i have a 9 month old work full time n have no money. I lost all the weight i wanted to in 3 weeks by drinking green detox tea and a meal replacement for breakfast from arbonne and i downloaded an app called 7 min workout. I hope that helps
Aug 26th '15 07:44 AM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! Best of luck with your weight loss
Aug 26th '15 09:24 AM
Hello Jittabug, welcome to the forum
SW no longer does red/green but a plan called Extra Easy. All the food that used to be free on both days still is. You can now eat meat and pasta, for example, together. Instead you just have one HEa and one HEb. It's really easy. Have a look at our SW food journals, and best of luck!