Hello, another fugee from minimins

Aug 6th '15 08:48 AM
Hi everyone, another minimins fugee. I really missed the crowd, now need the support. Have always done SW on my own with the mags and support from minimins. Got to my target weight and maintained for about 2 years. Lost focus in last couple of months ( just coincided with the forum closing..) and surprisingly gained some weight. Nothing too dramatic that I won't be able to shift. This site looks promising with so many minis
Will get familiar with this set up and start a diary. Do we post diaries under SW section or elsewhere?

Looking forward to utilising this forum .

Good luck everyone.

Aug 6th '15 13:23 PM
Hi and welcome - Congratulations on getting to your weight and maintaining. That is a massive achievement especially on your own.

I'm sure you'll get back there and maintain again.

There is a journals section under the SW section - hope you manage to find it, we have a daily SW thread and challenges too if you need / fancy them.

Look forward to seeing you around the board.
Aug 6th '15 14:02 PM
Hi and welcome to Social Slimmers! You did really well getting to your goal weight and I'm sure you will get there again!