Jun 8th '15 12:34 PM
.... and former mini-min'er

Admittedly,I had taken a huge break from Mini Min's... no matter how hard I tried, I justcouldn't get back into Slimming World for more than a few days and then Iídcompletely blow it over the weekend!

Istarted SW 4 years ago, and reached my target weight, and stayed around that area for quite a while. And then unfortunately, I became a lot more complacent than I ever realised, and now Iím back to my starting weight

Itís taken me a few months, but I think my head is back in it, and Iím feeling like Iíve got that determination back again that I had when I first started (fingerscrossed!)
Jun 8th '15 13:44 PM
Hi Sarah,

Welcome to Social Slimmers.

Great you have the determination back. Some people find it to be pressure counting syns and points and feel they stick to healthy eating by just making better food choices feeling like it's a life style change and not a restricted 'plan'... a way to consider looking at your change of food habits in the future should you struggle again?

You can do it again

Jun 8th '15 14:11 PM
Thank you!

I think that was my problem, I was making some healthier choices subconciously, but I was at the stage where I couldn't be bothered some nights to plan meals for the following day, so I'd end up with whatever was in the cupboard! Luckily, I didn't head straight for the takeaway menu lol

I do agree that SW is a lifestyle change, and I have made certain choices based on it even when I wasn't following it properly (or at all) I'd always throw veg into most meals, and I've always got fruit to snack on, but it was all those in between things that get eaten, and drinks at the weekends... Fingers crossed!
Jun 8th '15 14:31 PM
I started with SW and it certainly started me off well in the right directions, as time has gone more habits have changed slowly. Finding the pace that works for us isn't instant, well I didn't find it was

An yep ... I'm weak to the drinkies on the weekend too