Newbie alert!

May 6th '15 16:50 PM
Hello all,

I'm 46, live in SW England and am hopefully on my last 'diet'! I say diet but I really need to change my eating habits for good, not just temporarily. I have discovered, as many do, that it doesn't work to just go on a diet for a while and expect the weight to stay off. I have lost, regained, lost and regained over the last 25 years or so and now it's time to change my mindset as well as my diet.

I started on my new regime last Friday and so far so good. I am cutting out carbs ATM in an effort to kickstart the weight loss and finding it quite easy so far. I am very motivated and excited to start to see the pounds coming off, I intend to lose a couple of pound a week, but with 4 stone to come off it may take a while!

My downfall has always been chocolate and used to have a bar nearly every day, sometimes more than one, it was a major craving. I have found though, that this time with the determination I have to lose the weight, I haven't missed the chocolate at all, BONUS!

I have struggled with self esteem and hate the way I look right now, it's only me who's to blame for the weight and only me who can change it!

So onwards and upwards folks, looking forward to chattting with ya! Sorry for the long post
May 6th '15 17:03 PM
Tell me about it. I'm forever yoyo-ing. Just when I think I have it sussed I somehow end up putting it back on.

Good luck and welcome to the forum
May 6th '15 19:01 PM
Hi Kerry and welcome to Social Slimmers!
May 11th '15 14:56 PM
Hi Kerry!

I'm the same ... on a life style change not a diet although I am trying to get rid of the extra stone I put on! Reduced carbs, reduced dairy, good fats and high protein .... lots of berries & veg also of course!

Welcome to Social Slimmers