Hi there everybody!

Feb 6th '15 19:36 PM
Hello everybody My name is Mary I was hesitating to register on this site for a long time... But today I decided to change my life once and forever! I am ready to become lim and beautiful and find my happiness!
Will be glad to meet with people here, get some support and help!
I am very happy to be here at last!
Feb 6th '15 20:49 PM
Hi Mary and welcome to Social Slimmers! You did the right thing to join! There are lots of lots of lovely and helpful people here!
Feb 7th '15 07:21 AM
Hi Mary Welcome aboard! Well done for taking a decision to change your life, it's well worth it. Once you begin to see success, it really does make a great change to how you feel. I am not even half way to my target yet but already feel so much more confident. Best of luck, and see you around on here
Feb 7th '15 17:13 PM
Hell Mary! I am new here too! Let's make friends and start this journey together? :-) We can help and support each other! Any ways wish you good luck
Feb 7th '15 19:34 PM
Hi everybody! Thank you so much for such sweet words It is nice to meet you ladies! Hope I will become useful member of this site
Feb 9th '15 10:36 AM
Hi Mary

Welcome to the forum
Feb 9th '15 13:19 PM
Hi Mary,

Welcome to Social Slimmers!

Feb 9th '15 15:34 PM

Welcome to social slimmers x
Feb 9th '15 20:53 PM
thank you guys! I am really glad to be here Few days here and already love this community
Feb 23rd '15 15:03 PM
Hello Mary!

Welcome! How are you getting on?

Belle xx