Hi there from the UK

Mar 8th '14 18:44 PM
Stephen Reed
Hi all

My name is Steve Reed and I live in the UK in West Dorset, a rather pleasant part of the world. I've been a browser on the forum for a while and find it a really nice community, lots of people helping each other and little of the bickering that goes on in plenty of other forums.

I'm a personal trainer and nutrition coach, but I'm not here to tout my services, just to help out where I can and to try to be of assistance, not just with my knowledge, but as a person who is prone to binge eating, getting really close to my goals and then messing it up (I hope I'm the only one!)

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to getting involved, to help where possible, offer ideas, but most of all to learn more about how to help people meet their goal. It's a passion for me, looking forward to the journey.

Best Wishes

Mar 9th '14 15:38 PM
Hello Steve!

It is certainly appreciated that you are here to help the rest of us as we all struggle through our weight loss adventures.

I look forward to reading your posts. Thanks for being here!
Mar 9th '14 16:18 PM
Stephen Reed
Thankyou TwylaDee. I am just so passionate, a little geeky, and always wanting to learn more to make myself better and more useful, this seems like a really nice supportive forum.

Will enjoy learning as much as I will chiming in

Mar 10th '14 18:45 PM
Hi Steve Looking forward to reading any tips and advise you have to offer!
Mar 11th '14 11:45 AM
Hello and welcome!
Mar 12th '14 09:03 AM
Welcome to the forum Steve
Mar 12th '14 11:28 AM

Welcome to the forum
Apr 7th '14 22:38 PM
Hi Stephen!

Welcome to Social Slimmers