Befit Pregnancy weight gain chart!

Aug 20th '13 21:26 PM
How are you getting on Mrs?

Aug 27th '13 15:27 PM
Doing alright ! a little stress with the big move but just enjoy some nice time in France

Week 29 : 178 pounds . so i took 18 pounds total so far .
Aug 27th '13 21:41 PM
Wow so you've stayed in the normal range for weight gain during pregnancy right?

Well done hun
Aug 29th '13 20:09 PM
You're doing fab hun!

Hope things aren't too stressful!
Mar 4th '14 23:23 PM
wow i thought i put a quick update here so since my last post on August 27th weighting 178 pounds i gave birth to Kate on October 26 and my weight did stay to 179 pounds the day i went in labor ...( Due of baby Kate not growing i never gain weight from week 29 until week 37 when i had her a plan birth as it was to risky for her to stay in at the point .

Anyway as today i am back at 163 pounds 4 months after birth ...i found out i was pregnant on April first 2013 at 160 pounds so my goal is to reach that by April first and continue to lose weight for a life goal of staying in the average on 145 will be nice .

Doing the 5:2 diet and its working great as i was hitting a plateau and it drive me nuts for almost 3 weeks ! started the 5:2 and start to shade the pounds right away !