Giving up smoking!

Apr 8th '14 22:51 PM
I'm on day 5 of champix and giving up on Saturday (day9)! I did want to do it on day 8, but I'm working and child free on sat! I'm quite nervous and it also feels rather surreal. I've luckily not had bad side effects from the champix, the first couple of days I felt really sick, but the kids have had a bug so it could have been that! My dreams have been crazy, but luckily not scary. The weird one is it made my scalp really itchy, I've been taking piriton with it in the morning though and it seems to have stopped!

Really hoping it works though, I rather like the thought of being a non smoker!
Apr 9th '14 00:23 AM
Good luck Hun. I heard so many success stories on these but I wasn't one they do make you feel icky, that's why your first handful of days are lower dose while you adjust.

Are you vaping when you put down the cigarettes or going it with just the tablets?

You can do it... If I can I believe anyone can

Apr 9th '14 02:14 AM
I have a great friend that tried that medicine and I swear it was heck for her. She went into a deep depression. Are you having any side effects yet? She started having these three days into the medicine. She stopped taking it.
Apr 9th '14 09:57 AM
I'm going with just the tablets, I figured cold turkey would be best! I'm already finding I'm not enjoying it like I used to, it's the smell mainly!

Aboutme - that's been the main thing that's worried me. I've got a history of depression, so I'm keeping a close eye on it, but I feel fine so far!
Apr 9th '14 10:51 AM
Good luck with quitting!
Hope you don't have any side effects from the medication. You're right to keep an eye on it just in case

Apr 9th '14 14:57 PM
Ah yer I was going to say it's more common if a history of depression. That concerned me too but it's great you aren't experiencing any negatives. Just have your OH keep an eye on you too... people see more from the outside sometimes x
Apr 9th '14 15:14 PM
I'm hormonal ATM anyway, so he'll just tell me I'm a miserable bastard anyway quite worried about quitting now, I'm not feeling ready yet! Although I'm hoping that the dose upping on Friday will make a big difference!
Apr 9th '14 15:25 PM
Did they tell you you had to be mentally ready too? I'm sure they did me. Honest hun I never thought I'd quit and I can say it's the best thing I did. I can walk past people now and when in NI I kicked my mate out of her kitchen ... that was quite funny (she did laugh I should point out)
Apr 9th '14 16:35 PM
You should be really proud of yourself! Just think of all the money you'll save that you can use for better stuff. That's what finally did it for me. Good job!
Apr 9th '14 16:36 PM
Quitting smoking is one of the best things I have done in my life and it took many attempts before I actually put them down for good. Keep going and take it one day at a time.