Thinking About Starting Our Family

Jan 7th '14 01:40 AM
I am still quite overweight, but we are thinking about starting a family as other things have fallen into place at this point. Do you guys think it would be dangerous of me to try for a baby if I still need to get about 30-35 pounds off? Would being 30-ish pounds overweight put the baby/pregnancy at risk for things like gestational diabetes or an overweight baby at birth?
Jan 7th '14 02:11 AM
I think the best thing to do if you are serious about starting your family now is to schedule a visit with your OB-GYN. She can give you a once over and maybe do some blood work, just to make sure everything is okay before you guys "start trying." Good luck!
Jan 7th '14 10:05 AM
Yes, I would definitely book an appointment with your doctor to have a few basic checks and they should be able to tell you whether it's a good time or not. Fingers crossed!
Jan 7th '14 11:15 AM
Aw how exciting! I agree with the others, it's probably best to see what your doctor thinks. I do know someone who did slimming world throughout her pregnancy and ended up lighter than at the start! I'd be inclined to say start trying before reaching your target weight, which sounds a little odd, but we're thinking of trying soon and one of the main things that's putting me off is that I've worked so hard to lose all my weight although hopefully I can keep up with good eating habits and exercise! Good luck!
Jan 9th '14 21:04 PM
I would say it would be ok but you can check with your GP as suggested and like PP said you can do slimming world but I do believe you need your GPs approval and the programme is a little different from those not pregnant, I think...

Good luck x
Jan 10th '14 14:16 PM
I think you have a slightly higher syn allowance and more healthy extras, but cos it's classed as a lifestyle change and not a diet they say it's fine - you can eat as much as you like just as long as it's the right foods!
Jan 10th '14 15:38 PM
I have carried three children and was not at my ideal weight for any of them. While being overweight can cause complications during pregnancy, it's not a given. It does make it harder to feel good about your changing body though!
Jan 11th '14 01:59 AM
I have not had children, but I know my mom was at a healthy weight when she was pregnant with my brother and overweight with me. She'll still tell you that she had an easier time the second go 'round, even though she was overweight. I know it's not the greatest thing in the world, but by the same token, it's not the worst thing either.
Jan 11th '14 21:45 PM
Thanks for all the input, everyone! I have an appointment scheduled with my OB-GYN for next month, so I'm going to keep at the dieting efforts in the meantime and then see what she says next month. Hopefully the extra weight won't be too much of a hindrance.
Jan 29th '14 10:48 AM
I think there is no issue to adopt in this age... because many people conceive in the age of 45. you can proceed your "trying" for increase your family.