Aug 11th '13 22:34 PM
Does it actually count? I've been a right busy bunny today, which makes a change usually when the kids go out I say I'll gut the house, but never do!

Today I...
-hoovered and swept downstairs
-mopped kitchen and dining area
-decluttered downstairs
-cleaned windows inside and out!

Definitely got my heart rate up! I keep getting a shock when I walk upstairs and look out the window cos it's so clean and you can see straight through it
Aug 12th '13 07:46 AM
According to MFP yes you can burn cals doing it, go get them tracked I did some painting yesterday, now got glossing to do this morning then gut the downstairs cupboard. That'll definitely burn a few
Aug 12th '13 07:55 AM
Yeah if it gets ur heart rate up then def a good calorie burner!! I hate it tho, regardless of losing calories!!
Aug 14th '13 19:08 PM
If you are moving you are burning. I did yard work this past weekend and it said I did like some 800 calories in an hour or close to it. Every time I do housework I end up sweating since I need to get through so much, kind of wish we had a smaller house.
Aug 15th '13 16:13 PM
Typically housework doesn't really count as exercise, especially cardio. It's rare to be working hard enough to actually qualify. Any activity burns calories, though, so I would definitely count it. It's just not as many calories as you'd think, since it's not a sustained activity.
Aug 20th '13 18:26 PM
Why not just keep a walker on your body while you are moving about, you should be able to count paces by that and calculate calories burned over the time spent running between rooms. I guess I tend to speed clean (we have a four bedroom house over two floors) so I always break a sweat.
Aug 23rd '13 04:36 AM
Avidian has a great idea with the step counter. I think many people would be surprised to know how many steps they take during the course of a day. I might even try this myself! Thank you for sharing!!
Aug 23rd '13 07:51 AM
Last time I tried a pedometer it didn't work properly for me, my legs are really short and it didn't pick up my steps properly! Although that was a fair few years ago now, so I'd imagine they'd have got better since then! Would love to try it and see how many steps I actually take!
Aug 23rd '13 10:48 AM
Definitely invest in one, they are great. I've got a WW one and for my height/weight it tells me how many steps I need to do a day to be in a healthy range and anymore than that I earn activity points for too!
Aug 24th '13 09:04 AM
Are they expensive? I do lots of steps because of my little legs, I usually take 2 steps to my OHs 1!