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How Do I Calculate Muscle Mass Percentage

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Jun 28th '13, 15:47 PM  
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How Do I Calculate Muscle Mass Percentage

Every wondered how you caluclate your muscle mass? Just follow the simple instructions below.

Weigh using body fat scales and take a note of the body fat percentage

Minus your body fat percentage from 100 to get your lean mass percentage
100 - 30 = 70% lean mass

Divide your lean mass % by 100
70 / 100 = 0.7

Multiply your lean mass by your total body weight.
Example if I am 165lbs:
0.7 x 165 = 115.5 lean mass

Jun 29th '13, 22:53 PM  
SoSlim Newbie
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I have no idea what that means but it sounds very impressive :P
Apr 15th '14, 04:03 AM  
SoSlim Newbie
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The value of maths in everyday life

I appreciate your simple formula for measuring muscle mass percentage. It is quite easy to follow and is a proof of what I have always believed: mathematics is a valuable subject for our everyday living.
Apr 15th '14, 15:04 PM  
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Thank you!
Apr 17th '14, 12:00 PM  
SoSlim Rising Star
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I love the idea of it but I have never tried to figure it out myself. How much do those scales cost? I looked at some a few months ago and the only ones I found were really expensive.
May 18th '14, 09:23 AM  
Stephen Reed
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Be aware that none of the bio-impedence scales you get (Tanita and the like) are very accurate at all when it comes of calculating body fat %. They are so influenced by hydration that they usually give wildly varying readings.

I would say the only way to use them is

Same Day, Same Time Each Week

Ensure everythign is the same. e.g.. Get up, go to toilet, drink 500ml water, wait 1 hour, then measure.

Even then, all they can really offer is a trend (hopefully in the right direction), the actual number value is pretty arbitrary as it's most likey won't reflect your true body fat %.

Callipers can work, but unless you are well practiced, getting that right is not easy. Many exercise professionals can't even offer reliable measuring.

I personally think that it is often better for people to focus on the measurements with a tape measure. This allows you do see progress in various areas, and get an idea of where the weight/fat loss is coming from.

I use a 9 point measuring system, taken once a week, and entered on a spreadsheet. Heree is an image link to the locations I use

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