8 tips to lose weight

Apr 8th '16 13:09 PM
8 tips to lose weight even faster:

Apr 8th '16 16:45 PM
#Don't watch TV while eating
Nov 14th '16 08:55 AM
I would like to add few more points:
Avoid drinking water during meals
Eat a balanced diet
Never skip breakfast
Exercise regularly.
Sep 4th '17 11:12 AM
I think most important is proper choice of food and regular exercise
Dec 13th '17 14:02 PM
Drink 2-3 litres per day not just a glass before meals.

If exercising in the morning pre breakfast add carbs to you food. I would have a protein shake and a banana, on high intensity days I would have oats.
Jan 7th '18 09:03 AM
You can also check out the 2 week diet plan.
Feb 13th '18 11:04 AM
Helpful tips, these are effective to lose weight but there are many other weight loss process that help you to lose weight like

drinking plenty of water,
avoid skipping breakfast,
avoid stress and sleep well for at least 6-8 hours,
drinking green tea,
Exercise daily
Build muscles,
Avoid sugary beverages
Cut off junk food and other unhealthy food items.

These are some more tips that help you to lose weight and get in shape. Try your best to burn more calories, and stay motivated and happy. Give your full effort and keep patience to get in shape.
Mar 9th '18 11:33 AM
Thanks for sharing the helpful post.
Apr 18th '18 22:15 PM
thank you for the tips
i enjoy jogging as exercise