Quins is back on his bike

Aug 8th '15 00:44 AM
Have been very busy with dad cab duties during week and weekends for son who is back from uni and plays Rugby League through the summer, plus taking youngest daughter (18!) to tetrathlon training. At last I'm now finding time to get back riding my road bike.

Did a flat 18 miler yesterday, have had a virus most of the week and felt really cr@p but forced myself out.

Will be out with club tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I don't get my legs ripped off.

Watch this space.
Aug 8th '15 00:59 AM
Be careful recovering from your virus - hope you feel better soon and well done for your ride and journal.
Aug 8th '15 07:45 AM
Hope you're feeling better soon. Well done on your bike ride!
Aug 8th '15 15:54 PM
Shumai PurpleJ, hi Bevziibubble,

the virus got the better of me today. I should have listened to my body not my ego! I wwnt out with my club group, a new group that I started so the we could attain a higher average on our club rides. I was in trouble at 25 miles. I was feeling so weak, I made it to the coffe stop, had poached eggs on toast and pot of tea. We set off and I was suffering on the first hill, cramped up nicely. Felt light headed. Only 30 more miles to go!
I got nursed home by some of my group while the others had a burn up. I was. I a mess at the finish, 60 miles and just under 4 hours in the hurt locker. The hardest ride I've had to do, tougher than the Alps. Should never have done it, had stomach cramps up till yesterday, my top lip came out in big blister the day before, felt like I'd been beaten with sticks.... Plus my heart rate was well up. All the signs say take it easy, but no, I got caught up in the moment when I met everyone at the start and went off with a fast group instead of a slower one.

It's done, I've just got to recover and hope I haven't set myself back.

Will post the Strava link later. 60 miles , about 2000 calories.
Aug 8th '15 17:07 PM
ahh you're in Wales are you? I'm not Welsh we've been here for 8 years though so speak a little Welsh.

So sorry you had to be nursed home but glad your group were supportive (as they should be). Be careful now for a while.. stop pushing yourself too hard! Viruses are awful for hitting the heart etc too so gotta be careful.

Hope you feel better soon
Aug 8th '15 22:10 PM
No , we're in SE England, my mother in law was from Clydach Vale, lots of valley monkey rellies from Tonypandy and Ponty....
Aug 8th '15 22:43 PM
Ahh well that'd explain it you'd enjoy the cycling round her for sure.
Aug 10th '15 15:38 PM
Wow you sure did get back on it didn't you! Got to love the team spirit of your pals #highfive

Well done you smashed through it but jee get better now won't you lol!
Aug 10th '15 18:51 PM
Thanks PurpleJ & Wobbles, I did a very gentle 15 odd miles yesterday with 2 of my adult kids ( 21,19), just a sight seeing ride ( with 1 monster climb that they ducked out of...I couldn't resist, there's that ego again! Me head hard!)

Going to set myself a target for run, jog and walk a total of 100 miles , not putting a time limit on it yet ( end of the year possibly, see how it goes..)

Cycled 18,60 15 total 93 miles.
3 miles walked today.
Aug 15th '15 16:37 PM

Link to my 60 miler last week.