Quins is back on his bike

Oct 1st '15 09:49 AM
That's quite funny ... can read the comments too so go you

Training after a number of rest days plus bad food/drink is a killer, I'm sure you detox'ed all that out through sweat lol

Well done! Wow
Oct 3rd '15 20:13 PM
Managed to squeeze 24 miles in yesterday.

Today's 80 miler, another tough one. Did some very hard work on the front, feeling it now and very hungry.

Oct 10th '15 17:57 PM
Only one commute ride this week, 24 miles, too foggy and dark in way home and I need more light power to see the road.

A very tough 65 miles today.

Nov 2nd '15 11:45 AM
How are you getting on Quins?
Nov 3rd '15 11:26 AM
Hi Wobbles, I'm laid low. That last big ride probably compromised my immune system , in top of the week away. Acute sinusitis, first lot of anti bios and nasal spray not worked. Second lot, steroid tablets, steroid nasal drops and stronger anti bios (25!, can't afford to be ill). Only managed 16 miles on Saturday to see if it would make me feel better. It did. But I had a hard Sunday, moving hay bales, sweeping up horse poo, bringing horses in from fields, mucking stables...plus 3 dogs , chickens to look after. Went back to work on Monday and looked and felt rough, got sent home, back to GP. He is a dr to the elite cyclists ( was one himself), I've got a man crush!
Jan 5th '16 14:05 PM
Hope you have been in better health over the holidays ... have you managed to stay on your bike Quins?