Will this gym routine work?

Jun 1st '15 12:15 PM
Starting last week I have been going to the gym 6 days a week and doing the following routine, which I will continue to do. I'm about 5'8 and weigh 11 stone 8 lbs, I was just wondering if I continue this workout routine, am I likely to lose weight and tone up a bit? I understand that timescales and results vary from person to person, but I am going on holiday the second week in July and wonder if I will see any results in time for that? I aim to do 45 minutes of cardio every time I go, and then alternate doing arms, legs and abs each day, so because I'm going 6 days I do abs twice a week, same with legs and arms, if that makes sense?

Ab workout: 50 sit ups, 50 cruches, plank for as long as possible, 60 medicine ball exercises (sat on the floor with legs crossed and raised, moving balls from each side).

Arm workout: I am unsure of the names of the exercises but basically I will do 5 sets of 10 of three different exercises with the dumbbells.

Legs: 50 squats, 50 lunges, 50 on each inner and outer leg machine.

I'm unsure whether to incorporate swimming into this routine or not, any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
Jun 1st '15 13:40 PM
Hi Shan!

Looks like a good routine I would start your plank at 10 secs and just add 5 seconds on every week! I find if I say i'll plank for as long as I can, I only last 5 seconds!

I would defo add swimming, its a very good low impact work out

Best of luck and let us know how you get on!
Sep 16th '15 10:16 AM
How are you getting on?

Sounds like a great routine but no cardio? I would definitely throw in a little cardio
Jul 23rd '16 13:43 PM
Good routine. Keep going.
Dec 13th '16 05:35 AM
That is a good routine. I should try that one.