Exercise and your mental health?

Jun 10th '14 08:40 AM
I'm going through some stuff at the minute and feel certain aspects are out of my control. I'm not watching my weight but not over doing it either as I feel I have enough stress etc.

What I want to know is has your mental health/mood greatly improved since you started exercising?

I just need abit of a refocus and if it would make me feel somewhat better I'll try anything xx
Jun 10th '14 09:48 AM
Exercise makes me feel great! I always get such a buzz off it and feel much calmer and happier afterwards. Waking is a great one to help with anxiety, but any exercise is great.
Hope you're feeling better soon

Jun 10th '14 13:36 PM
Exercise makes me feel great too. I feel refreshed and focused when I'm done. I love that I can just let my mind wander when I'm at Zumba class. I only have to pay attention to the next move. I really think that exercise helps clear my head.
Jun 10th '14 14:45 PM
Yes, definitely ... Loads!

I'd heard/read exercise reduces anxiety, depression and boost other things but it's just one of those things you read until you do it. Lots about my mental and emotional health have changed.

Now I've started running I also find I zone out more so away from normal day to day stress'.

Jun 11th '14 05:56 AM
Exercise will get you feeling much better physically. This will result in a much better mental outlook. Also, you should keep it up, your body will get within better physical shape. This will improve your self-esteem. You will also feel good about yourself for having it within you to stay with a plan to achieve the preferred results.
Jun 12th '14 09:56 AM
Exercise will definitely help hun, it's just getting the motivation to do it. I use running as a major stress buster, if I'm stressed/down/pissed off, I'll pull on my trainers and it really helps me. OH even said to me last night he'll never stop me running cos he knows how much it helps!

I'd imagine you'll be being pulled every way possible ATM and there's so much to get your head around. I'd really recommend running, even 1/2 an hour will give you some time away, where no one's asking anything of you and you've not got to think about anything but putting one leg infront of the other! Massive :hug: xxx