Wanna Lose Weight?

Nov 27th '13 16:55 PM
Do you wanna lose some weight fast? Then I highly suggest you go outside when the wind is ripping (like right now) and start walking! Your body will pump into action so fast to try and keep you warm. At the same time, once you start walking and getting your blood flowing, you'll be really warm by the time you get done. And you will have burned a ton of calories!

P.S. Just make sure to dress warm, and use lip balm!
Nov 27th '13 17:00 PM
I plan to be running outside soon *gulp* lol x
Nov 28th '13 07:06 AM
My weight loss really kick started when I started a job that involved a lot of walking! I'm back to running next week, it's freezing out at the moment, I'd best warm up quickly!
Nov 29th '13 11:10 AM
I'll have to try this! I'm usually pushing the pushchair too so hopefully I'll burn even more in the windy weather. It was windy earlier this morning but looks like it's settled down now.
Dec 3rd '13 18:07 PM
How are you getting on in the cold pp?
Dec 4th '13 16:29 PM
LOL. Started reading this and though it was gonna be a condescending go outside and exercise thread. Maybe been looking at other forums too much where they contently state the obvious but actually the bit about cold burning calories is actually true. I have a friend that does no exercise, eats tons of crap and still looks great, but he drives a forklift in a refrigerated warehouse. Keeping warm must keep him slim
Jan 13th '14 03:09 AM
OMG, I want to lose weight, maybe next time i will start running outside with my husband while our baby still sleep..lol
Jan 13th '14 20:59 PM
I tend to always pick the days when it is windy to go biking. The only issue is when the wind is trying to push me down the hills too quick, now if I could only get it to help push me up the hills instead!
Apr 13th '14 22:22 PM
I agree, walking is a great exercise and I don't know why more people do not do it who struggle with their wait? I personally can't stand gyms or machines, but walking takes next to no effort.
Apr 15th '14 02:52 AM
Walking against the wind is great. Walking in water is also a great way to burn a lot of calories. Walking in general is a great exercise. It is free too!