New dog = workout!

Nov 17th '13 15:07 PM
We got a puppy last week. She is great! She has so much energy. My daughter and I walk her three times a day. We also take her to the park and run with her. I love the exercise I am getting with her.
Nov 17th '13 16:29 PM
Oh! I LOVE puppies!

What kind is she? Will she grow to be very large? Congratulations on the new family member!

You're right. Puppies will certainly keep you running around until they become couch potato doggies.
Nov 17th '13 21:51 PM
I love puppies too! Pets are a great way to get exercise! Well maybe cats aren't good for exercise. What kind of dog did you adopt? We are looking for a dog.
Nov 18th '13 10:58 AM
I love puppies! And a great way to get more exercise, puppies are so energetic!
Nov 18th '13 14:17 PM
A new pet is always a handful. I am sure our newest cat had us working out a bit more too. I am surprised sometimes how much energy a cat can save up just from sleeping all day long.