Red or Green Milk? Skimmed, 1% or 2% Milk?

Nov 1st '13 15:05 PM
I'm sitting here at work at just gone to make a coffee. In the fridge there is red milk, which is 1% (or maybe skimmed), and the green 2% milk I usually have.

What does everyone else have?

Does it really matter if you aren't drinking gallons of milk a day?

I have maybe 5 - 8 hot drinks a day, but in terms of milk that's not loads as I like strongish coffee.

Does having skimmed or 1% milk make much difference on a diet?
Nov 1st '13 16:32 PM
I have semi-skimmed when I have tea or coffee. I know you need a little milk (or something in dairy) to help with dieting.

Purely a guess but I reckon as long as you don't go over the top then it doesn't matter too much. Although having said that we have red milk in our house (Charls has it in drinks) and she has lost loads of weight... maybe that's where I'm going wrong
Nov 1st '13 16:50 PM
We are 2% over this way and the kids are fine with it. I was raised on whole milk which now to me tastes horrible. I am not even sure how I managed to get through my childhood and teen years without gaining a ton of weight.
Nov 1st '13 23:22 PM
I have been fluctuating between the 1 and 2%, and no I don't think it matters that much. Unless you are drinking lattes, and eating bowls of cereal every single day, it's pretty close to just water anyways.
Nov 1st '13 23:35 PM
We have green, I drink so little milk I doubt it makes much difference tbh! I have my coffee quite strong and if I eat cereal I only have a dribble of milk so it softens it a little! In an ideal world I'd drink almond/hazelnut milk instead, but I rarely buy it cos everyone else in the house drinks cows milk!
Nov 6th '13 19:06 PM
We have whole milk as my husband prefers it. I don't drink milk anyway though.

I wouldn't have thought it matters too much which one if it's just in drinks though

Nov 6th '13 20:56 PM
Well I buy the Sainsburys semi skimmed and skimmed as SC said...

Semi skimmed per 100ml is 49 calories, fat 1.7g
Skimmed per 100ml is 25 calories, fat 0.1g

The 1% milk is 43 calories, fat 1.0g

Every little cut down matters IMO and that is where SC goes wrong as he says
Nov 7th '13 00:48 AM
i only have one coffee in the morning with milk but we have 2 % as that what the kids drink
Nov 7th '13 19:10 PM
Skimmed milk for me!