Things that test your willpower

Oct 27th '13 20:36 PM
This evening for me it was the nice hot fresh bread the girls made... I had a tiny piece but could eat fresh bread with butter all day!

What situations test your willpower? It's much worse with kids

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Oct 28th '13 05:25 AM
Hot fresh bread is definitely one of them. Chocolate chip cookies. Banana bread right out of the oven. Pasta and any Italian food in general tests my willpower.
Oct 28th '13 12:32 PM
For me it's crisps and greasy minging food chocolate and sweets I can take or leave, but crisps I just have to eat!
Oct 28th '13 16:43 PM
I am more tempted by the salty foods than I am by the sweet ones. Burgers and chips, pizza, pasta with sauce and cheese. And yes, bread and butter.
Oct 28th '13 19:29 PM
Sugar is my weakness. It's really hard to go over to someone's house and see a cake platter with a frosted cake sitting on their table or countertops. It gets really bad around this time of year because of the holidays -- people start baking nonstop!
Oct 28th '13 20:10 PM
I have a friend who always brings cakes (they are the best) when she comes to see us .... I have one, I'd be insane not to then make sure my kids eat the others as quickly as possible. Poor kids
Oct 29th '13 20:17 PM
Oh they look like they had a great time I struggle with fresh warm bread too
Oct 30th '13 10:38 AM
Crisps, bread and fast food for me! I always feel like I'm missing out on something if I don't have them! :dohh:
Oct 30th '13 15:24 PM
What messes me up? My husband when it takes a day off since I work from a home based office, the kids when they come in looking cute with cookies waving them around at me. Pretty much other people distract me, 99% of the time on my own I am fine.
Oct 30th '13 15:51 PM
I'm more of a savory person than sweet. Think that's half of my problem. With sweet stuff you can only eat so much before it becomes sickly, but my downfalls are bread (I'm the same with fresh bread ), doritos and beer etc. I can't even limit myself to a treat of a little, I have to cut it out totally otherwise I cave