White rice vs brown rice

Oct 14th '13 10:36 AM
Is there much of a difference? How does brown rice benefit you more than white?

Oct 14th '13 11:30 AM
I'm not sure on the nutrient point of view but I think brown will be better by a mile. Higher fibre, lower gi etc. That nanny woman on C4 opened my eyes and said if we close our fists (or a child) that fists worth is our carb amount That wasn't mine Palm of our hand is our protein amount xx
Oct 14th '13 12:56 PM

I didn't realise we were only meant to have a fist size portion of carbs! Things like that really open your eyes!
Oct 14th '13 13:41 PM
Never heard of that!

Must look up nutritional info. Does brown rice taste much different to white rice?
Oct 14th '13 14:06 PM
I'm not a major fan of it, although I think I'm thinking of wild rice! I found some in the cupboard the other day and OH said he liked it, so it can't be much different if he'll eat it! Apparently a lot of Chinese places use it, which I didn't realise, so I've probably had it a fair bit
Oct 14th '13 14:38 PM
I really like brown rice a lot. The major difference for me is that I find it very filling and satisfying. Just a small portion of it fills me up very nicely, but white rice doesn't have that effect.
Oct 14th '13 14:56 PM
I will definitely grab some and try ... just thinking the main time I eat rice is with chilli or homemade chicken fried rice!
Oct 14th '13 15:01 PM
Hmmmm both are nutritional values for 1 cup cooked:


Whole Grain

Fat and calories higher in whole grain brown rice?
Oct 14th '13 17:08 PM
I think it balances out cos you get double the fibre and some potassium too, plus it's more filling so you won't eat as much! I'm confused as to why they add extras into the White rice though, it said there was added thiamin, folic acid and some other stuff, but the brown rice was pure rice! They're rank anyway those uncle ben's things
Oct 14th '13 17:38 PM
Uncle bens rice is the best rice lol ... Not the precooked micro stuff!