Any ideas for brown rice combinations?

Oct 13th '13 17:41 PM
I really like a couple of the instant brown rice brands that are out there. I read that it's very nutritious, and the quality is quite close to traditional brown rice with its longer cooking time. Anybody have some ideas for how I can make it interesting with simple additions?
Oct 13th '13 19:05 PM
My OH told me last night that Chinese restaurants often use brown rice when making their fried rice dishes! So a quick meal could be home made fried rice with onions, peppers, peas and eggs with a dash of soy sauce!
Oct 13th '13 21:40 PM
PrincessPikachu read my mind! I saw the thread title and instantly thought of fried rice. You make it the way I do!

You could also make a sweet and sour type dish with it. Stir fry some green peppers and onion and add in the rice and some diced pineapple. If you like chicken or ham you can add some bits of that also. I like it with shrimp.
Oct 13th '13 23:12 PM
Thanks for the great ideas! I love fried rice. Your mention o pineapple makes me think of Thai and Polynesian ideas, too. Maybe rice and pineapple would be good with a little bit of coconut milk stirred in at the end.
Oct 14th '13 07:43 AM
You could do stuffed peppers with it too, I've had a mental block on what I put in them though it's too early! I think I'm going to have to modify my meal plan this week cos I really want fried rice and stuffed peppers now