Fat burning vitamins

Oct 8th '13 13:08 PM
I found this article on vitamins that help dieting / losing weight ...


I've just bought vitamin D, eggs and cottage cheese lol! Bummed I picked up wrong vit D though they have a vit D and calcium in one.

CLA and calcium on my next trip!

You all might like the suggestions under Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFAs) but I did plan on getting pumpkin seeds too and forgot.

Thought maybe you'z would like a read

Oct 8th '13 13:49 PM
My phone's playing up and won't let me go thru it will have to try again later! I'm sure I've got some multivitamins somewhere, probably out of date though
Oct 8th '13 14:35 PM
I can't click on the link either :/ x
Oct 8th '13 14:49 PM
Weird it didn't 'link', should work now x
Oct 8th '13 15:45 PM
A lot of good information there. Looks like I already do most of those things except the Omega-3. I think I'll pick up some Omega-3 supplement. I don't like to eat fish.
Oct 9th '13 17:13 PM
Interesting article. I take Vitamin D supplements every day. I love to eat fish, and I like walnuts and pecans because they give me Omega 3s too. One of my favorite lunches is smoked salmon or smoked trout. The flavor is so strong that a little bit goes a long way.
Oct 9th '13 19:49 PM
I'm going to be rattling soon