Metabolism Boosters

Sep 30th '13 21:18 PM
So what tips, foods and drinks do you know that boost metabolism to help lose weight?

Green tea

I also believe lemon is a metabolism booster so I add sliced lemo to my green tea 5 times a day!
Oct 2nd '13 17:28 PM
Doesn't garlic do it too? I'm useless with all that!
Oct 2nd '13 22:07 PM
Well, according to Cosmopolitan, a green apple once a day, flaky white fish and chicken are all good foods to boost the metabolism. Don't know how true it is but that's what Cosmo says.
Oct 3rd '13 12:25 PM
Never heard of apples being one oooo I could force one a day... Fish yuk but I loveeee chicken
Oct 3rd '13 13:02 PM
I have heard of green tea and caffeine being metabolism boosters. I have a lot of caffeine!
Oct 3rd '13 13:47 PM
I've heard of green apples and ginger. I always add ginger to my food and tea, and even some of my desserts. I prefer red apples to green ones, but apparently they are of no use in weight-loss because they are too starchy.