App recommendations?

Sep 6th '13 21:51 PM
I'd like to use an app (Android) to keep me on track as I start my slimming journey, but there are so many! Can anybody recommend one? I've heard good things about My Fitness Pal, but is there anything else that you've found useful?
Sep 6th '13 22:10 PM
I use one called target weight on iPhone, which basically tracks your weight, shows your bmi and gives you different target dates based on healthy weightloss, intense and custom. Apart from that, I just use this place now! I did use the mfp app for calorie counting, but don't bother now I'm in maintain!
Sep 7th '13 09:03 AM
Heard some good reviews about myfitnesspal from a few people.
Sep 7th '13 16:28 PM
Thanks both for your replies. I heard that in MFP you can search for pretty much any food, even if it's a meal on a menu, and it'll tell you the calories, which sounds really good as I am hopeless at maths and calculating that sort of thing myself. If I use that to log my food and exercise, then I will probably just stick to good old pen and paper to note down my weight. For the time being at least!
Sep 7th '13 17:42 PM
Yea there is pretty much any food on there! If I'm cooking something I add ingredients individually, rather than trying to find the nearest thing!
Sep 9th '13 12:16 PM
I used MFP and if you have a smart phone you can scan the bar code for instant calories I use it to login my weight loss also
Sep 13th '13 19:27 PM
MFP is one of the best apps I know for weight loss!