Where to start?

Sep 6th '13 21:39 PM
I'm pretty new to dieting, but after running wild with food in my teens and twenties I'm now paying the price in my thirties and while I never used to put any weight on, now things have got out of control. I want to take it in hand, but I just don't know where to start - there are so many diets and programmes and each one seems to make out that it gives the best results and enables you to keep it off. How did you decide what to follow? Do different diets suit different types of people, or lifestyles? Where do I start?!
Sep 6th '13 22:12 PM
I think different diets do suit different people, but I'm a massive skimming world fan! You can still eat as much as you want, just as long as it's the right foods! It's what I started out doing and even though I don't strictly follow it now, I still tend to keep the principles in mind!
Sep 7th '13 13:45 PM
I started on slimming world and it really changed my eating habits then I went to calorie counting and cutting down carbs

Changing bad habits is the hardest
Full fat drinks

Sep 7th '13 16:32 PM
I suppose my first step then will be to identify my bad habits (or if I'm truthful, the worst of my bad habits, as most of my habits are not very good). Then perhaps I can find a diet that best targets those problem areas. I'm just worried that my willpower will not hold out if there are too many complicated rules to follow and every meal feels like I'm doing maths homework.
Sep 9th '13 12:17 PM
I didn't cut everything out I just needed to take control of the amount of bad foods I was having and make some changes to how I cooked... oven food, no jars, light spray, grilling, etc).

Good luck
Sep 9th '13 12:48 PM
I think slimming world is great for those who have a lot of weight too loose, unlimited amounts of the right foods, guilt free so no beating yourself up. where as some people do well with a more strict diet such as calorie counting or low carb. good luck x