Hungry? Cravings? Try This...

Jun 29th '17 19:25 PM
amy robinson
So I have just signed up to this forum and thought I shall start off strong so here goes...

Recently I have been carrying out interment fasting; but that isn't what this post is about. I have a quick tip on how to stop hunger cravings really simply.

For the first couple of days the hunger was really unbearable, I was really on the verge of a big fat binge eating failure... But then I discovered an awesome trick. BLACK COFFEE. Ok it does have some calories (less than 5) but without this trick I could not have done it.

So my idea is, on any kind of diet where you are struggling to resist the temptation, enter* black coffee.
Jun 29th '17 21:00 PM
I drink black coffee in the morning, mainly out of necessity since my kids don't sleep I do find it has a bit of an appetite suppressing effect to some degree for a while.

Jun 29th '17 21:16 PM
amy robinson
I know the feeling the only problem I have found, there more I use it the less it actually reduces hunger, good thing I have finished IF for a while
Jul 24th '17 16:05 PM
I take Grenade Thermo Detonator which has caffeine, green tea etc other than that water will help more than coffee will
Jul 25th '17 15:32 PM
If I could stand any type of coffee I'd give this a go, but just the smell turns my stomach

I'd love to hear of another type of alternative.

My main go-to is water though. It's surprising how often I find I'm just thirsty rather than hungry
Jul 26th '17 11:18 AM
I chew on raw veg, i soon get tired off chewing.

My water intake is awful, something I need to improve on.