Wedding hurdle

Sep 1st '13 16:02 PM
I messed up my diet on Friday night by attending a wedding. My crazy cousin was getting married for the third time so I had planned not to attend this one. Unfortunately, I had to, and the food there was delightful. We were even given a whole cake to take home for the kids - it was a no-kids wedding. Now I have cake in my fridge and I'm wondering whether we should finish it all quickly and get it out of the way, or eat it slowly over a period of one week and pile on the pounds slowly. Going out really messes up my dieting.
Sep 1st '13 18:44 PM
You can allow yourself a bit of slack when it comes to occasions, but I find it's better for me if I limit it to that day only, and work hard the rest of the week. So if I were you I'd let the rest of the family eat the cake

I like the saying "one bad meal won't make you fat, just like one good meal won't make you slim" - helps me when I feel guilty over indulging at times

Sep 1st '13 19:01 PM
I'd either eat it all quickly or let everyone else eat it! I'm not much of a cake fan though tbh, so I tend to let the Kids eat it!
Sep 2nd '13 00:17 AM
Yeah it's easy for me to say leave it coz i'm not a cake fan eithrr! If it was a pie or somethin tho i'd fill me boots
Sep 2nd '13 07:38 AM
I can take or leave anything sweet really, but I adore savoury food! I just pick and pick at it
Sep 5th '13 17:32 PM
I'd get the kids to eat it quick and deal with the hyperness over the weight gain