Dieting issues

Jun 4th '17 10:28 AM
I have been with SW for three weeks. In that time I have become constipated and lack energy. Clearly I am doing something wrong. Any advice would be appreciated.
Jun 5th '17 12:01 PM
Hi denis

A change in your eating habits can cause constipation and even lack of energy.

Do you keep a food diary and can maybe type up the last 3 days of your typical eating plan?

Do you drink plenty of water?
Jun 8th '17 17:46 PM
Hi Denis,
SW is particularly carb-friendly in the sense that you may eat a lot of rice, pasta and potatoes with your meals, which do tend to have an impact on tiredness levels for many people. I have to avoid them myself as a jacket potato will literally make me fall asleep at my desk. Calorie - wise they might be great for weight loss but still need to be taken in moderation due to the carb content.
I'm insulin resistant and while many aspects of the SW plan are great for me, I do have to chose options which fit better with my individual needs. It's very flexible that way.
Could you be under-eating and thus not getting enough energy from your food? Are you going for just speed foods without having much protein, or are not having your A and B healthy extras?