Newbie needs help with chips

May 9th '17 18:28 PM
So I cut the potatoes into fat chips and boil them for 5 mins, spray the tray, add the potatoes.
Result very al dente chips.
So tonight I do the same but boil for 10 mins, and use some extra spray.
Result very dry broken chips.
Seems to me they really need more oil any solutions?
My daughter has an acti-fry she never uses - this cooks quite a lot of chips in just 1 teaspoon of oil - how many syns would that add?
May 10th '17 20:44 PM
1 teaspoon of oil is 2 syns.
Personally, I never pat boil my chips. I cut them no more than 1cm round, spray with fry light and cook for about 30 minutes on gas mark 6 (if I remember right!) and they don't come out dry.

Give the acti-fry a go though, for 2 syns per tsp of oil, it could be worth it I've heard a lot of people say good things about the acti-fry chips!

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May 11th '17 08:54 AM
I don't parboil mine either. I do chunky chips and wedges and they always come out OK at 180c for about 40 mins. I spray the tray and then the chips as well.
May 11th '17 21:07 PM
We tried the acti-fry tonight, and it's brilliant. Just one teasp oil and they really tasted ok - well a bit 'toasted' perhaps but very very moreish and satisfying. I did some chicken legs in the oven, but next time I think I may marinade them in something (I was told diet coke is good?????) as they were a bit bland. I cooked them in the skin, should I have removed it first?
May 13th '17 17:43 PM
You don't have to remove the skin whilst cooking, and if you remove it before eating then it's syn free
I surprisingly love plain chicken legs... I could eat an entire chicken if given the chance lol
I've never tried marinating them in Diet Coke, but what about making a yogurt and paprika/spice mix and coating the chicken for a few hours before cooking? It's quite nice

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