First day back on it!

Mar 27th '17 18:02 PM
So first day of being properly determined to be back on it! I've been pretty good, but stupidly made cake yesterday and there's loads left over and it's amazing!

Skipped breakfast as had to go into work early
Lunch: couscous and tomatoes
Dinner: pasta with tomato sauce with cauliflower and broccoli in.
And quite a few nibbles of chocolate cake!

Hoping that'll see me through til tomorrow now, need to make sure I drink plenty of water.

Going to do some yoga later too as I've hurt my foot and can't do anything else.
Mar 28th '17 13:04 PM
There is still birthday cake here ... torture because it's so flipping niceeeeee!

Water #ping ... I needed that nudge! Do you put lemon in your water, I love it!
Mar 28th '17 19:54 PM
No, I used to put lemon in it, but I have really crappy teeth so decided to stop cos I don't want to risk anything with the acid in it!

Been good today as well

Lunch: couscous with cucumber and tomato
S: bag of crisps 2 slices toast w/peanut butter
D: about to have chinese, but sshhhh!!

Cake is all gone finally!
Mar 29th '17 10:31 AM
I heard hot is worse so I don't have it hot but a squeeze won't do any harm also a straw quite often is advised and not to brush your teeth straight after for some odd reason!
Apr 12th '17 09:50 AM
Well Missy ... how you getting on? x
Apr 14th '17 22:26 PM
Doing really well actually, I've lost 4lb so far this week! Had bloody gained 2 the week before though doing my best to avoid all things food related though, even hidden all my food pages on fb!

Having couscous, hummus and salad for lunch every day and a pre-prepared dinner with minimal carbs (basically not a whole dish full of pasta!). Freezer is rapidly getting empty though so best do a batch cook!
Apr 25th '17 12:54 PM
Is that all you are having all day chick? x
May 4th '17 11:19 AM
It is ok for one day to eat a cake but don't do it everyday!