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Feb 6th, 2018, 10:03 AM  
Socially Shy
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Increase your water intake to approx 15 20 glasses
Have small frequent meals.
Always keep your dinner light and early (at least 1-2 hrs before bedtime).
Sit-down at one place and take your meals MINDFULLY. Take at least 20 mins to finish each meal.
Include foods like ginger, garlic, onion, which help in lowering your fat levels and increase your BMR.
Have more of fibrous foods such as sprouts and raw or cooked vegetables.
Avoid juices and go for whole fruits instead.
If you have a heavy meal, COMPENSATE by making other meal lighter
Feb 9th, 2018, 14:44 PM  
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It doesn't matter when you eat it matters what you eat and it fits in with your goals... So if you have 2000 calories a day ... don't exceed it!
Today, 10:59 AM  
Socially Shy
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Undoubtedly, everybody dreams to get a flat tummy. In today's lifestyle, people are more prone to use junk foods and their desk-bound lifestyle leads to weight gain. It is really hard to get your slim tummy back, but you can achieve it by following steps we have mentioned.

1. Drink plenty of water 2. sleep well 3. reduce stress level 4. Do exercise regularly 5. eat healthy foods.
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