Advice Needed

Jan 22nd '17 15:52 PM
I'm currently a slimming world member and have so far lost 5stone 5lb (75lbs)
My losses are usually between 1-2lb per week with a few higher losses too.
In November 16 I had my first maintain, since then I've developed a pattern, I lose weight for two weeks and then on the 3rd week I maintain, then back to two losses and a maintain.
On the weeks I maintain I'm not doing anything different to the weeks that I lose.
Has anyone else had this before? Any idea why this could be?
Jan 23rd '17 08:58 AM
I used to lose on alternate weeks, despite eating virtually the same stuff. I think our bodies get used to the reduced intake as we lose weight. I'd even recommend having a blow-out every so often as I think it kick starts our metabolism again.
Jan 23rd '17 12:16 PM
The only pattern I ever really noticed was around the week the witch was due (leading up to and during) I'd most often than not maintain or add 1lb or 2 ... that would fall right off though (retention), around ovulation can cause the same. I'd have 2 weeks in the month where I would see a drop, a lower drop at least once and defo a maintain.

1-2lbs is a healthy drop though and also the more I lost the less I lost each week/month.

Keep going. sounds like a good balance to me.