Do you ever take a night off from dieting?

Aug 25th '13 13:31 PM
I went to a fancy party last night and all the food looked so lovely that I had myself a splurge night. I didn't go too crazy. I still stayed away from the breads and pastas, but I am feeling guilty about having dessert.

Do you ever just take a night off of dieting when it's a special occasion?
Aug 25th '13 14:50 PM
I've always taken one night a week off! It helped keep me grounded cos I knew nothing was forbidden forever!
Aug 25th '13 15:52 PM
I don't think it's a bad thing to have the odd night off, especially for a special party. It's miserable when you're craving the food on offer at a party, so why not just enjoy it and get back into the diet the next day? So long as it's not too often I don't see the harm.
Aug 25th '13 20:51 PM
I used to have the odd day off but aslong as I got back on track the day after it didn't make a difference x
Aug 25th '13 21:27 PM
I always found if I tried to be 100% all of the time, i'd eventually fall off the wagon big time! But having a drink ad a takeaway on a Friday worked well for me!
Aug 26th '13 01:00 AM
I feel the same as all of you. When I constantly deprive myself, I feel like it's too hard and I have nothing to look forward to. If I know I can enjoy myself once in awhile, it makes it all more tolerable. Not sure why I still feel guilty though.
Aug 26th '13 16:27 PM
I tend to take the weekends off. I still work out around holidays but I will take those off too. It is not hard to work around special days, for me it just took a little practice.
Aug 26th '13 18:53 PM
I take weekends off too. I try to be as strict as possible during the week so I feel that the break is well deserved. I once tried a complete month without any cheat days and I ended up really cheating after that because I went off track.
Aug 26th '13 23:03 PM
I also take the weekends off because it help me to stay on track much better during the week. I also make exceptions for specials days and holidays.
Aug 27th '13 07:56 AM
Sizeseven, I've tried that a few times! I'd always get to the end of about week 3 and have a huge blowout and gain loads