Ice Water to Boost Metabolism

Aug 22nd '13 13:38 PM
I have heard that drinking ice cold water all day long helps to boost the metabolism. It causes the body temperature to drop and your body has to work harder to warm itself again. In theory, this sounds like it would be true, but scientifically speaking, I am not sure. I have a friend that swears by this and always has a large container of ice water with him.
Aug 22nd '13 20:00 PM
Yea I suppose scientifically speaking it should work! I wana try it! My teeth are too sensitive though I think!
Aug 23rd '13 13:12 PM
I use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Have you ever tried that?

I've also heard that cayenne pepper and cinnamon also work to raise the metabolism. I've read that in many places and I know some of the diet capsules contain those ingredients. I wonder if it actually works?
Aug 23rd '13 15:59 PM
Never heard of this but I do believe green tea helps.

Chilli and lemon they say boosts the metabolism also!
Aug 24th '13 16:28 PM
None of those things will boost the metabolism for more than a few minutes, though, so keep that in mind. The best way to boost metabolism is to eat right, sleep right and exercise frequently. That way, your metabolism has a chance to work at optimal levels for you.
Aug 26th '13 16:28 PM
I have heard this too but I have never tried it. Since I was a child I have always had sensitive teeth so ice in any drink is a big no-no for me to start with.
Aug 26th '13 17:30 PM
This makes me wonder if hot drinks, like tea and coffee, would work the same way causing your body to work harder to cool itself back down.
Aug 26th '13 17:46 PM
I think by the time you drink a hot drink it's pretty much at body temperature! Thats why drinking a hot drink in hot weather's more effective at keeping you cool than a cold one! If you have an ice cold one, your body warms you up trying to regulate itself!