SP meal ideas!

Sep 7th '16 07:15 AM
This week I'm doing a couple SP days to try to boost my weight loss. Would Aldi's lemon fin sole (3 syns per fillet) count as my protein or not because it has a syn value?
Any other ideas for meal times for SP days?

Sep 7th '16 08:57 AM
Hi Danielle,
I am doing the same this week, trying to get a bit more off this week.
I would say yes it does as it is protein but obviously have to syn it also.
I am making a batch of chilli tonight and will have this with veg, also things like chicken/steak with veg, i'm loving roast peppers and red onion just now and maybe carrot chips too.

Keep us updated with your meals.

Amanda xxx
Sep 7th '16 11:35 AM
Thanks Amanda!! That's Friday sorted! I had steak and veg on Monday evening and tonight I'm having gammon egg and carrot fries 😋
Good idea on the chilli! That's one night next week sorted 👍🏻
Sep 8th '16 16:58 PM
Cauliflower Rice is a great side to any SP meal

Blitz the Calui until small, fry off in a wok for around 5-10 minutes on a medium heat and you're done
Sometimes I add some garlic or soy sauce if I'm having a stir fry with it
Sep 8th '16 18:06 PM
I'm trying one day sp and one day ee. Tomorrow is sp so will have this with my chilli.