Sweets/ Candy

Jun 30th '16 14:52 PM
Hey everyone

I'm not really much of a sweets person, even as a child I always preferred chocolate. I do however quite like lolly pops. I was just wondering diet wise how bad these are? I snack on fruit and low fat items through the day but was just thinking of a low sugar/ fat treat that I can have that'll take me a while to eat and I thought of lollys. Anyone else have them?

I know theres lots and lots of snacking ideas but I was just thinking of items that would take me a long time to eat and are ok to have once in a while


Jun 30th '16 15:47 PM
I'm not sure about lollies, but I really like the Foxs Glacier Fruit hard boiled sweets. They're ideal for me because they're low synned on SW, and I only usually need one to satisfy my sweet craving
Jul 1st '16 12:19 PM
Thanks Sarah ill have to give these a go I usually have a kinder bar as my chocolate treat (70cals) but they're tiny and Im left feeling starved still. Think alls I need is something sweet to occupy my brain for a bit and Im sure the Fox's Glacier are a lot less than 70cals each!
Jul 2nd '16 19:41 PM
My sweet trick is the hartleys sugar free jellies, they are only something like 15cals. I'm AWFUL for haribo but find this a good alternative!
Jul 3rd '16 21:32 PM
Lolly pops aren't good for your teeth as the sugar from them hang around too long in your mouth.