Loosing Slowly

May 7th '16 17:23 PM
Hi, I have lost a stone 5lbs by exercise and eating healthy, but am only loosing 2lb a fortnight. I have read online that this is a great slow way to loose and that the slower you loose the less chance of it going back on. Is this correct and does anyone else loose this slow. The first month I lost a stone straight off.
May 9th '16 07:27 AM
Hi Olly, congratulations on your sustained weight loss. Guess it all really depends on your weight and if you are building muscle mass as you are losing fat. Can be really useful to measure waist, hip, bicep and thigh.
The dangers of fast weight loss are usually loss in lean muscle and lack of nutrients in diet. Obviously the less muscle mass you have the lower your base metabolic rate is and the less you can eat to stay at that weight. Is why someone who is naturally 11 stone might be able to eat 1700 calories a day for example while someone who has crash dieted to 11 stone might have to stick with 1200. ( figures are just total random guesses lol ) Few good TED science talks on it. I think You Tube has most of them. The trick is to aim at getting lean and toned for fast and long term weight loss. Add weights or resistance training to stimulate muscle growth while diet reduces body fat.
On a good month I can push around 6 stone weight loss using any from a range of diets but I usually don't make a week It slows massively the closer you are to your natural body weight and I am waaaaay off lol. Plus I emotionally eat so I always put it all back on.
Anyway good luck with it all and keep winning the war. If I may offer one pearl of wisdom? The best advice I was ever given was to just lie down when I feel hungry. Spend few minutes just letting the sensation wash over then it will go. Do this for a couple of days ( eating when you want, not when hungry ) and you will break your bodies conditioning to expect meals at certain times and stop it producing that stomach sensation we link to hunger. Makes 'dieting' lot easier. Have fun.
May 9th '16 11:38 AM
Congratulations on your loss so far! That's wonderful!!

I would say yes in answer to your question. Yes some people can/will lose lots more in the space of a week, but losing 2lb a week isn't a bad thing at all.
Losing weight slowly can help to maintain the loss in the long term

The amount of weight you lose in a month can differ for various reasons: how much you have to lose overall, how much you have changed your eating habits and what you ate pre-diet (those who ate lots of fatty foods, or not as much fruit/veg, can see a larger loss in their first month or two whilst their body gets used to the relevant plan), how much your exercise regime changes, how much water you drink, and plenty more.

A lot of people do lose their weight quickly in the first month, but after that it does decrease, especially when you get closer to target.

Good luck for the rest of your journey!
May 19th '16 13:52 PM
1-2lbs is a healthy drop and yes eating healthily with varied foods will help you keep that weight off... crash diets are not sustainable.

Also what exercise are you doing? I have found I lose measurements over lbs with intense exercise. I dropped my last jean size with little loss on the scales, I was made up.

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May 25th '16 09:22 AM
I also read that if you feel hungry just down a huge glass of water. It may work!
May 25th '16 17:38 PM
Quote by Cinnamon:
I also read that if you feel hungry just down a huge glass of water. It may work!

I'm always doing this... Problem is it leads to lots of loo trips!

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May 26th '16 07:02 AM
Yes that is so true. I am bad enough as it is!!
Oct 19th '16 16:35 PM
Do exercise on a treadmill when ever i can also go for walks as well. Have lost 3 stone now so must be doing something right! And have done it on my own, no crash diets and no expensive Gyms!
Oct 20th '16 12:45 PM
jada brown
hi allymoran,
you should be happy hearing that you are one of the luckiest if your weight loss rate is slow,because you are actually melting your fats down, and there are fewer chances of getting it back if you follow a healthy lifestyle. I'm gonna suggest you with a supplement beyond weight management tea that will certainly make it faster because you are already working hard for your weight loss.
Nov 8th '16 16:15 PM
That's amazing! congrats. I really do not think that you should be worried about anything, just keep on doing whatever you're doing and everything's going to be alright!