Only lost inches on my waist no where else?

Feb 25th '16 13:03 PM
Measured myself after 1 week and it showed my waist had lost a few inches, but my thighs and hips gone up a little?

My clothes feel looser though! Is this normal, does it mean I'm putting weight on?
Feb 26th '16 11:44 AM
firstly well done on losing a few inches, every little helps
ans secondly i wouldnt be too concerned, are you working out with weights or just exercising? or just eating healthy?
I never seem to lose any weight off my thighs, but dont give up hope! and dont let it bother you!
Feb 26th '16 12:17 PM
Everyone loses weight from different places at different rates. For me, I always lose from my stomach first, and then other places follow as the weeks go by.

If you've measured after only 1 week of being on plan, don't be too disappointed that you've not lost more inches... it would be fantastic if we could wake up after a week of following a plan and be 2.5 stone lighter, and be 3 dress sizes smaller, but as I've always said, it's a marathon, not a sprint. It doesn't happen instanlty, and I'm sure if you keep measuring yourself (whether it's weekly, fortnightly or monthly) you'll soon see the inches dropping as well as the pounds

It doesn't mean you are putting weight on (unless the scales are telling you that you are) but try not to focus on just one, focus on both the scales and the inches.
You will get there
Feb 28th '16 11:46 AM
I don't measure inches more than once a month. Remember it could be user error also as we do things like breathing in or tensing muscles etc without thinking about it.

Keep doing what you're doing and I'm sure you'll see progress on the scale and inches.
Feb 29th '16 13:39 PM
What food plan are you following?
Do you exercise?

The problem with measurements is unless you get the tape measure in EXACT same area and position it can give different results. Try and measure monthly vs weekly.

Like Sarah said we all lose measurements differently, we mostly have no control over that but your measurements would not suggest a weight gain and your clothes are an awesome reliable way to measure. My thighs have hardly moved but my boobs have shrunk to pancakes it really annoys me. It would be nice if my body started taking those down now ha!
Mar 23rd '16 16:08 PM
if they are loose , it means you have lost some weight, congrats