IBS and dieting?

Jan 21st '16 10:25 AM
Has anyone had problems with sever tummy ache when they changed their diet whilst slimming ? I recently joined SW and have lost 12 lbs in three weeks but am now experiencing sever bloating and stomach cramping. The one thing I am doing now is eating much more fruit and was wondering if this is not agreeing with me ? I'm going to my local GP today and see what he thinks but just wondered if anyone else had experienced this ?

Jan 21st '16 10:42 AM
I think this is fairly normal as you adjust to the increased fibre in your diet. You could try peppermint tea. I find it really helpful for my IBS. It can be an acquired taste so I put sweetener or honey in mine.
Jan 21st '16 11:10 AM
Appreciate that reply. I will give the peppermint tea a go,just taking it easy for a while with the Fruit as today is a better day and I wonder if its just coincidence that I stopped having Apples,oranges and banana yesterday,guess time will tell ?
Feb 4th '16 13:06 PM
I found eating better as I dropped weight helped my IBS, I've not suffered in a longgg time but things like pizza don't agree with me. It's awful!

Check out this page for a little more information depending on your symptoms:
Feb 7th '16 00:28 AM
There is also Candida. Basically a rival digestive bacteria that thrives in a sugary environment. Unfortunately as good as fruit is for you it is still essentially a source of fructose sugars. To much fruit can cause an overgrowth ( if Candida is your problem ) which gives symptoms such as bloating and digestive cramps. There are many cures for this and loads of pills n potions. If I may make a recommendation there is a book by Zoe Harcombe called Why do I Overeat? that explains it all and gives a simple anti candida diet you do for a week or so. You will know in a matter of days doing it based on how much better you feel.
Jun 20th '16 17:21 PM
Drink plenty of peppermint tea