Slimming World - question on Branded Products

Jan 11th '16 21:34 PM
Hello all - new to this forum and just started slimming world. Just wondered if anyone could provide examples of some branded foods that weren't high in syns? I know a lot of mugshots are free which are good for a quick snack but I'm sure there's loads of others? Thanks!!
Jan 12th '16 09:29 AM
Hi Jem, welcome

Are you an offical member? As in you have access to te website so you can find syn values? If you are, I think your best bet would be to search on there for you favourite things and see what the syns values are. If I had the time I could try to sit here and list all the branded foods that are low synned, but I can bet that at least half of the things I might list may ont be of any interest to you!
Off the top of my head the only thing I can think of is that some of the Batchelors Pasta n Sauce's are free (cheese & brocolli, chicken & mushroom) but that is providing they are made without the butter and milk.

The other suggestion I've got for you is if you are attending group, there are 3 books which are massively useful - the low syn snacks book at 1.95, the free foods book at 1.95 and then the food directory, which I think is 7.50. The two books at 1.95 are only slim books, and ideal for stashing in your handbag for times when you're on the move and need some low synned ideas
Jan 12th '16 18:37 PM
Thanks so much - very useful. I'm going to class tomorrow night so I will ask about those books! Thanks so much for replying x
Jan 12th '16 18:40 PM
No problem!