I must remember my cheat day doesn't last the whole weekend!

Jul 21st '13 22:18 PM
Friday (official cheat day)
Bag of crisps, 1/2 bottle of wine, garlic baguette, another 1/2 bottle of wine, jagerbomb, 1/2 small garlic pizza bread, 1/3 veg pizza

Saturday, huge bowl of nachos with salsa and cheese, chocolate milk with squirty cream

Veggie hot dog, candy floss, flake, huge plate of homemade chips, mini bottle of wine, Elizabeth shaw chocolate mint things

I feel the size of a chuffing house! Gona superglue my mouth shut!
Jul 22nd '13 10:45 AM
Hahaha. Now I don't feel so bad that I put on 2 lbs this weekend... TBH I kinda knew when I posted before the weekend about losing those 2lbs with a beer in my hand, it wasn't gonna happen
Jul 22nd '13 12:51 PM
my scales wouldn't work this morning I was adjusting my aim to Saturday, but im going for a birthday lunch at pizza express tomorrow and it's illegal not to drink on your birthday
Jul 22nd '13 13:09 PM
Oops mine last all weekend this weekend too lol! Chippy chips, some BBQ food and FAR too much booze. I woke up sweating buckets this morning, must've been sweating all the alcohol out
Jul 22nd '13 13:16 PM
after OHs Xmas do this year he woke up sweating jagerbombs! Stunk my bloody house out!
Jul 22nd '13 13:36 PM

I had apple sourz shots, not sure how many but I can still smell it this morning
Jul 22nd '13 15:56 PM
Sounds like a fun weekend!
Jul 22nd '13 19:01 PM
Think we all have weeks like that I find it hard getting back to good days after the weekend, Mondays are the worst! x
Jul 22nd '13 22:07 PM
Every week seems to ve like it for me now! Had a bloody pizza for tea tonight cos I couldn't be arsed to cook and have wet the baby's head too!