Chances of losing 3lb in 4 days?!

Jul 19th '13 08:59 AM
Would it ve totally unrealistic to think it may be possible?! I was aiming to be under 9st by tues, I'm 9lb2 today! I'm pissing in the wind aren't I?! Particularly with it being beer night tonight
Jul 19th '13 09:23 AM
Hmm probably unless you skipped the beers and were extra behaved then you might manage it, or failing that you'd have to go on shakes or something
Jul 19th '13 09:24 AM
I just did 5lb in 5 days so i guess anything is possible!
Jul 19th '13 09:34 AM
True Tezzy! I've done it in the past, but that was when I had a lot to lose and was in the first couple of weeks of dieting. I'd love to say I'd skip the beers, but as soon as the kids leave for their dads, the voices start chanting wine
Jul 19th '13 09:37 AM
It's possible, but not sure with the beers. Give it your best and if you don't reach it then there's always next week!
Jul 19th '13 16:23 PM
I'll challenge you. I have 2lb to lose before I get the next stone down (not tell ya what I weight )

See who gets there first
Jul 19th '13 16:56 PM
The only time I dropped that much weight in a 24hr time period is when I was deathly sick with pneumonia and I do not recommend it. At the time I was bouncing a fever of 104 and had been seen by three doctors, the second who had be on two I.V.'s back to back.
Jul 19th '13 18:09 PM
The race is on tonights a fail already, crisps and wine! But then you've got your boozy night tomorrow I'm totally gona win!
Jul 19th '13 18:53 PM
Yum crisps and wine! Perfect! I'm having a cider tonight and going to have some crisps as well
Jul 19th '13 19:27 PM
Ugh! I have to behave tonight and its weigh in tomorrow enjoy your crisps, wine and cider ladies!