Sugar Free Eating - Anyone?

Jul 16th '15 20:12 PM
Hi Everyone,

I just joined today. I have been having a nosey about and haven't found anyone else doing the sugar free thing.

Is there anyone lurking out there that isn't following a formal diet plan but has just cut out added sugars? I'd love to hear how you are getting on and share hints and tips!

I started consciously avoiding sugar about 9 weeks ago and have had the happiest 9 food weeks of my life with the added bonus of having lost 21lbs! Ok so I could do with losing 150lbs more but I have never felt so positive about making a good dent in the flab as I don't see this as a diet, I just don't eat sugar!

There must be someone out there who is doing this or would like to try it.

Come and talk to me please!
Jul 16th '15 20:51 PM
I follow Primal which means I don't have sugar. But I do use honey instead of sugar when I bake. Which I have done too much of lately so going to give up baking Primal treats.
Jul 17th '15 12:14 PM
From the little I know about Primal it would be way too restrictive for me to commit to. How long have you been doing it and have you found it difficult to stick to? I do avoid stuff with fructose which includes honey but I really haven't missed desserts or puddings though I have made ice cream using dextrose.

I am sure I must be doing something wrong with this sugar free lark as it's been too easy. I keep expecting it all to go to pot at any time! But so far so good I am just interested in how others are getting on with it.