So this is W.I...Loss?

Jul 11th '13 10:27 AM
...This is the day I usually unravel

I'm going food shopping so loads of good food being bought but I also always treat the lo's to a McDondalds. I have my lunch in the fridge for when I get back so if I can just drink a black coffee I'll be sorted I haven't done a full week on any plan from maybe Easter looking back So no wonder I'm getting nowhere. Here's to a new start though and it's also day 4 without chocolate and let's just say the scales are happier than they were on Monday Eeeeeeeeee
Jul 11th '13 10:47 AM
Every time you have a weak moment, come on here! You're doing so well with it so far!
Jul 11th '13 10:48 AM
On another note, do you take all your kiddies food shopping with you :faint: taking 2 finishes me off
Jul 11th '13 11:24 AM
Yeah I take the 3 lo's It would be abit much for the girls plus it let's them do the cleaning in peace always a plus
Jul 11th '13 11:26 AM
I've had yogurt and fruit for Breakfast so leaves me my A+B. I might make real burgers with extra lean mince or a quorn burger with cheese and SW chips
Jul 11th '13 11:41 AM
Maybe eat a small snack before you leave the house so that you won't be tempted by the McDonalds.

You're doing great!

Jul 11th '13 11:50 AM
Dammit I'm craving burgers now! Are the quorn ones 1 syn each?
Jul 11th '13 17:22 PM
I hate taking my kids shopping!

Can't wait to see your result on Monday x
Jul 11th '13 17:36 PM
Yeah 1 syn

Well I survived and stayed on plan and now I'm having a green day so I'll have alpen lights as my 2nd B

So far Wobbs it's looking good and I'll be interested to see what 1 week on plan says for the scales xx
Jul 11th '13 17:38 PM
Well done for surviving, I always cave when it comes to Mcd's!