Pushing through your plateau!

Jul 11th '13 08:03 AM
we all get stuck at some points when the scale wont move !

what do you do to push your plateau ?

increase your food intake ? increase your work ? Take a break from the all thing?

What works for you ? what doesnt ?

Let me know !
Jul 11th '13 08:17 AM
Last time I plateaued, I started eating more and it worked! This time I just need to start eating properly and not eating crap! Although I am going to give sw a go I think!
Jul 11th '13 17:21 PM
I did a couple of shake weeks with success then I hit it again and increased red meat and less carbs ... Both worked! I seriously think I'm hitting one again ARGH
Jul 11th '13 17:42 PM
Remember you've just changed your exercise routine, so it might not ve a true plateau xx
Jul 11th '13 19:17 PM
Ate more, drank more and exercised more but threw in some squats, situps and planks. Worked at the time xx
Jul 11th '13 20:25 PM
Hope not hun! x
Jul 11th '13 20:29 PM
I just need to get my head sorted. :/