Slow weight loss or maintaining.

Apr 24th '15 12:13 PM
I was wondering if anyone had any advice/tips on how to give your body a shock, I've only shifted a lb so far this month and was wondering if anyone else had been in the situation where you are sticking to plan but it's not showing on the scales.
Apr 28th '15 06:48 AM
It takes patience and time. It naturally won't show instantly on the scales!
Apr 28th '15 10:42 AM
I've found some plans just don't work for me. I seem to be more sensitive to carbs than fats and a couple of bad food choices in a day can cost me a few days worth of dieting. Really struggling to find one that works consistently and I can stick with. I can only suggest change your plan. What you have been doing has obviously worked so far, I bet one of my legs weights 10 stone lol, but might need to mix it up a little to get past this plateau.
The obvious cheat is to use a fat burner to throw your metabolism through the roof. Something like Curvelle from iSatori, however I have seen some of these reduce 18 stone bodybuilding nuts to quivering puddles of sweat and if you have caffine sensitity they can cause all kinds of complications, most common are things like palpitations. Maybe a few cups of green tea to your daily intake might be better. I have messed with all kinds of stuff in the past from E.C.A. stacks to Estrogen to move body fat stores. I think is why my body is so messed up, lol. A lot of bodybuilders who are looking to really cut down the % body fat do long slow exercises. Although that documentary on BBC1 showed for consistent fat burning housework, gardening etc seems to do more than the gym in terms of calories lost, but not increased fitness.
Apr 29th '15 11:00 AM
I hate it when I gain or hit a plateau ... most frustrating thing ever.

Are you followings a plan hun? Do you exercise if so what how much etc?
Apr 29th '15 13:43 PM
It can be really hard. Plateaus are so frustrating but changing things up such as doing more or different exercise can help. I have even found that increasing calories slightly has helped for me in the past.
Apr 29th '15 15:58 PM
I am struggling to be honest, I have cut down alot but dont seem to be shifting anything.

Apr 29th '15 19:30 PM
Yeah following SW EE plan, I haven't started exercising yet, maybe it's time.
Apr 29th '15 21:24 PM
Water intake? It can plateau you. Protein intake high enough compared to carbs and fat? X
Apr 29th '15 21:41 PM
2litres a day.
I'm not sure about P,C&Fs. I just eat my food.

Possibly could improve my super free (fruit/veg).
Apr 29th '15 21:52 PM
Mmmmmh. Do you ever "eat up", like have quite a high calorie day? Sometimes you need them for the "whoosh" effect